Digital citizen involvement

As local residents become more involved in concerns of sustainability and climate change, the role of government needs to adapt and take greater account of initiatives in the community. Active citizens, however, do not want the government to provide standard solutions for everything. They prefer a tailor-made approach and authorities that think along with them.

We created CoBenefit as a new way for citizens and the government to relate to each other and work together. In doing so, our focus lies on reaching people through digital channels and providing access to opportunities online. Therefore, we utilize social networks such as Instagram and Facebook to form interest groups. Once the interest of a user has been sparked, we lead them to our own platform to join their neighbors and other participants. Citizens can always identify the involvement of our government partners both on social media and on our platform pages. This is due to a partner’s personalised design and content. In addition, we can include e.g. energy advisors and subsidy programmes in the process.

As a result, authorities can reach citizens, better understand their ambitions and play a more supportive role. Through the power of direct connection, they can coordinate their efforts reasonably to realise environmental impact.

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