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What does CoBenefit offer for businesses?


Together with our organisers, we take care of the marketing for you and make the customer data accessible to you via our platform.

For free

If you are using our hardware packages or are involved in a major project of our organisers, there are no costs for you.


We provide long-term partnerships with our organisers instead of short-term leads or tenders for single projects.

Our organisers are looking for partners in these areas

Why CoBenefit?


Through social incentives and financial benefits, we motivate citizens to invest in renewable energies, net-zero retrofits and the infrastructure for e-mobility.


We encourage collaboration between our organisers and companies as well as institutions. Our goal is to build an ecosystem that supports the success of initiatives.

   Data privacy

Our servers are hosted in Germany. We follow German data protection standards in processing personal data and avoid third-party cookies.

   Additional service

In addition to our platform, we provide procedural support and templates to engage with citizens, for instance in workshops, social media, and newspaper articles.

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