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As citizens become more involved in concerns of sustainability and climate change, the role of local authorities has to adapt and take greater account of the needs in the local community. Active citizens, however, do not want standard solutions for everything. They prefer a tailor-made approach and authorities that think along with them.

CoBenefit offers a customisable online platform to local authorities so that they can make sustainable offers accessible to their citizens. Therefore, a local authority can launch offers on their personal platform page. In general, we speak of initiatives in this context as a time period is determined in which interested citizens can register for an offer.

Through an initiative, local authorities can either (1) support individual citizens in their purchase of e.g. heat pumps, (2) organise a collective purchase for e.g. a charging station or (3) gather local interest in their considered offers – also non-purchase-related – and achieve citizen participation.

Because of our prepared and transparent conditions with selected partner companies, local authorities can pick and start their own initiatives within minutes. At the same time, participants can benefit from a group discount. However, authorities are free to determine their own conditions with local companies and involve them in the process. We provide suitable contract templates to support local authorities in self-organising initiatives.

During registration, participants are verified via their mobile number to prevent misuse through multiple filings. In addition, local authorities can integrate their advisors and funding options into the process. After registration, the contact details of participants are accessible to the respective local authority and participants can be kept up-to-date through our newsfeed and email updates. Besides, contact details are automatically forwarded to the predetermined contractor of the initiative. This company contacts new participants by phone or email. Eventually, each individual participant receives a personal offer. The achieved group discount is settled in the final invoice.

Through CoBenefit, local authorities can support their citizens through targeted offers and can better coordinate their ambitions for more sustainability.

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