Digital citizen involvement

As local residents become more involved in concerns of sustainability and climate change, the role of government needs to adapt and take greater account of initiatives in the community. Active citizens, however, do not want the government to provide standard solutions for everything. They prefer a tailor-made approach and authorities that think along with them.

On our online platform we launch initiatives for our partner municipalities. There, citizens can register in order to form a strong interest group with their neighbours and other participants, e.g. for solar modules, charging stations, insulation or heat pumps. At the end of the registration period, each individual participant will receive an offer. Together with the most suitable manufacturer or installer, we determine in advance with how many registered participants which conditions apply. The more people register, the better the offer will be for the participants in the end. We also involve the municipalities in this process. For example, local energy consultants are notified to advise participants or applications for funding programmes can be submitted directly. Municipalities can also use our platform to first identify local interest in certain solutions before planning further steps.

Through our platform, municipalities can reach citizens and play a supporting role. In this way, municipalities can better coordinate their efforts to achieve a positive environmental impact.

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