Who uses our platform?

If you want to address the personal motivation of residents to achieve your climate goals, CoBenefit is the right partner for you!

Local authorities
Climate protection agencies
Citizen cooperatives
Community associations
Public utility companies
Regional energy suppliers
Local organisations

Mobilise residents and bundle local demand


With the help of our templates, you mobilise residents for your initiatives. In the course of an initiative, they will be informed collectively in order to be able to make an informed purchasing decision.


To ensure that interest does not fizzle out, interested persons are referred to qualified execution partners who are selected according to performance criteria and can offer a timely realisation.

   Network effect

Citizens can share initiatives and encourage neighbours and friends to participate. These social referrals are an incentive for residents to get involved as well.

   Cost savings

By gathering as many residents as possible in your city or region in an initiative, they benefit from attractive group discounts. This offers an additional financial incentive.

Sample initiatives

Mini PV plants
EV charging stations
Heat pumps
Solar energy systems
Building insulation
Green roofs

An initiative in 3 steps

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