Use cases

  • One-stop shops for energy retrofits

  • Resident participation in redevelopment districts

  • Participatory development of district heating networks


Digitisation of authority and administration

   Address residents

Through our initiatives you can address residents in the city, neighbourhood or district in a targeted manner and unlock network effects.

   Strong cooperations

Through our digital framework, we enable joint measures with utilities and energy providers.

   Digital subsidy applications

We support you in digitising applications for municipal subsidy programmes via our platform.

   Regional industry

Involve energy consultants and regional craftsmen – as a consortium or with your regional energy provider as general contractor.

Time to market

1-3 months with CoBenefit
1-2 years


Costs over 5 years

Our SaaS solution saves you millions in development, maintenance and IT security costs.

Customer journey

  • Initiative page

  • Data query

  • Offer portal


  • Management of initiatives

  • (Energy) advice

  • Project management

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