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Energy retrofitting of residential buildings (DEMO) – Interest gathering

0 of 100 participants
Start: 01-01-2022
Deadline: 31-01-2022, 00:00 Europe/London
Unlimited number of participants
The number of participants for this initiative is unlimited.
Interest gathering
The launch of sustainable projects relies on your interest.
Non-binding registration
The participation is free of charge and you express your interest exclusively.

Zero Carbon Rugeley would like to provide you with access to new retrofit concepts which can be realised in series. The purpose of this call is to encourage citizens to participate in pilot projects in Rugeley.

With your registration for this initiative, you will be added to the list of interested participants for a retrofit project in Rugeley. This requires you to provide some information about your building. Following the initiative, Zero Carbon Rugeley will identify potential pilot projects.

  • Zero Carbon Rugeley is a project to produce an innovative design for a town-wide Smart Local Energy System (SLES) including the former Rugeley Power Station site. This is one of just a dozen such pioneering programmes in the UK and will demonstrate how carbon emissions and energy costs can be reduced whilst also providing a boost for local regeneration.

    In designing the SLES, the project partners will take full advantage of the latest renewable energy technologies and smart control systems to deliver clean, affordable energy for residents. As such, the innovative Rugeley SLES will create a scalable energy solution that can be replicated in other areas in support of the UK’s transition to a zero-carbon future.

    At the centre of this pioneering project is the Rugeley community; residents, local businesses and commuters who access the area regularly. Crucially, ‘User-Centric Design’ is embedded in the proposed solutions, using innovative community engagement methodologies to ensure the wants and needs of the community are addressed. Zero Carbon Rugeley will create “a bespoke Rugeley SLES”, not simply an “SLES for Rugeley”, demonstrating how carbon emissions and energy costs can be reduced whilst simultaneously boosting local economic regeneration and social integration.

    The project aims to deliver an energy system design for the area which is sustainable, low carbon, and that drives the regeneration of the town and local energy infrastructure.

    1. You fill out the form with the information about yourself and your building. CoBenfit collects the data of all participants and sends it to Zero Carbon Rugeley.
    2. The experts of the project group will evaluate the data and identify potential pilot projects.
    3. We inform you whether your building is suitable for the current pilot phase.
  • Main partners

    • ENGIE
    • Opus One Solutions
    • Keele University
    • Conigital
    • Connected Places catapult
    • Regen
    • Sustainable Housing Action Partnership
    • Energy Capital
    • Cadent
    • New Vic Theatre
    • Chase Community Solar

    With support from

    • Cannock Chase Council
    • Shaffordshire County Council


0 of 100 participants
Start: 01-01-2022
Deadline: 31-01-2022, 00:00 Europe/London

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