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No special knowledge is required to launch an initiative on the CoBenefit platform.

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No legal or financial obligations are associated with the creation of or participation in an initiative.


Thanks to the scalable solution, an efficient transfer of knowledge on local climate protection is provided.

Why CoBenefit?


Through social incentives and financial benefits, we motivate citizens to invest in renewable energies, net-zero retrofits and the infrastructure for e-mobility.


We encourage collaboration between our organisers and companies as well as institutions. Our goal is to build an ecosystem that supports the success of initiatives.

   Data privacy

Our servers are hosted in Germany. We follow German data protection standards in processing personal data and avoid third-party cookies.

   Additional service

In addition to our platform, we provide procedural support and templates to engage with citizens, for instance in workshops, social media, and newspaper articles.

An initiative in 3 steps

Sample initiatives

Mini solar power plants
EV charging stations
Heat pumps
Solar energy systems
Building insulation
Green roofs

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