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What is the CoBenefit?

Climate change is already part of everyday life. Therefore, public actors have to become active together with residents and companies and engage in climate protection. At its core, the CoBenefit approach is a win-win strategy that aims at combining individual benefits and climate protection in a single activity.

How it works?

On our platform, local initiators launch initiatives together with qualified execution partners. People from the region can participate in these initiatives and thus invest in sustainable solutions for their homes. In this way, they can protect the climate and at the same time make themselves independent of rising energy costs.

What is an initiative?

An initiative brings together as many people as possible from a region. This creates a strong collective that has more market power than a single person. Together they benefit from easier access to climate tech solutions through better prices and more security in the community.

Our goal – the CoBenefit

For residents

Through CoBenefit, people can easily benefit from climate tech solutions for their homes.

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We offer local initiators a digital toolbox to successfully realise initiatives with residents.

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The execution partners of our initiatives grow in the long term through partnerships with local initiators.

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