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    As local residents become more involved in concerns of sustainability and climate change, the role of government needs to adapt and provide different forms of support for the community.

    CoBenefit is a new way for citizens and authorities to relate to each other and work together. We utilise social networks such as Instagram and Facebook to form interest groups via our platform. Citizens can directly identify the involvement of our government partners due to the personalised design and content. Furthermore, we can include e.g. energy advisors and subsidy programmes in the process.

How it works


Examination and planning  

We examine the interaction of your ongoing projects. Through workshops and demographic data, suitable solutions and their target audience are determined.


Digital citizen involvement  

The determined solutions are launched as initiatives on your personal platform page. We drive the interaction of the target groups with your initiatives on social media. People who are interested register online to form a strong community.



On behalf of you and all the people who have registered, we request offers and identify the most suitable contractor. Our goal is to secure a group discount. Registrants stay up-to-date through our newsfeed and email updates.

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