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Digital Transformation Driven by Sustainability
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When time is critical, you need a team that's running.

Our team develops digital solutions tailored to your needs and accelerates your product development. We speak tech and business to give your project a boost.



When daily business becomes complex, processes are key.

Experienced in complex environments, we optimise operations with multiple stakeholders. Integrate tech seamlessly into your company’s workflows.


When companies scale, workforce plays a pivotal role.

Our expertise helps labour-intensive companies to grow cost-efficiently. Gain a competitive edge through workforce intelligence and strategic development.

Why Us

How we do it

Pioneering transformative solutions

Innovation: Lab to Market

We bring our expertise from European research and industry projects to drive projects at the forefront of innovation and shape the future of tomorrow.

Driving industry transformation

Sustainability: Change at Scale

We are always ahead of the curve and facilitate change towards sustainability on an industry level by our engagement in multi-stakeholder initiatives across Europe.

Delivering purpose with results

Technology: Coding for Impact

Our deeply integrated mission-driven approach helps us to deliver targeted results that match your strategic objectives and are inherently sustainable by design.


Our projects

About Us

Who we are

We work across borders, 100% remotely.

Our team is the decisive factor behind your success

At CoBenefit, we’re more than a company — we want to make a change every day. With backgrounds spanning business, technology, energy and education, our tight-knit group brings experience and perspective from distinct markets together. We are based in Germany, but what sets us apart is the heartbeat of our development team, primarily based in Nairobi, Kenya. We operate seamlessly and remotely across borders, yet we also cherish physical gatherings as a team and are at your side site, if you need us.

Our ethos at CoBenefit centres on pragmatism, courage, and collaboration. We focus on crafting pragmatic solutions that are precisely tailored to individual transformative challenges. With a culture of curiosity, we want to drive systematic change and continuous personal development. The foundation of everything is our collaborative approach and the believe that every successful project is the fruit of collective effort. Our goal is to build impactful solutions and enduring partnerships.